Your Veil is a Battleground

Your Veil is a Battleground is a continuation of Beyond The Veil project. Inspired by the title of Barbara Kruger’s controversial piece, “Your body is a battleground,” this series of diptych portraits explore different ways that young Iranian women choose to wear Hijab.
Even though Hijab is enforced on women in Islamic Republic of Iran and is mandatory to wear in public, these young women implement it as a fashion element, accompanying it with distinctive make-ups and colorful headscarves. Many young women take advantage of this to make a statement with their look, stand out of the crowd and empower themselves. One may even argue that beside from the Hijab, the make up itself, is a form of veil as well.
The image that one represents from self is important in Iranian culture. These brave young women have shown tremendous strength and confidence by putting themselves in front of my camera, allowing me to photograph them not only without the veil, but also bare of make up. (2011-12)

—Kiana Hayeri


2 thoughts on “Your Veil is a Battleground

  1. I love this site and especially this powerful piece. However, I worry about your and the models’ safety if you all are living in Iran, considering its lack of regard toward freedom of expression. Just today I read a disturbing article about how a young man was condemned to death for what he posted on facebook. Apparently these posts were judged to be “sewing corruption to Earth,” a non-pardonable offense, according to The Verge.

    But, I’m sure you know much more about it than I do.

    Stay safe.

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