Guns N’Roses and Guns

When the governments use the veil (hejab) as a political tool, the artist uses a sexy weapon as the response to that sexist censorship.
Maybe my Moroccan models are not familiar to the misogynic politics; To me who comes from the Persian Golf, it’s this repression, which is established in the political and geopolitical sphere, that drives me to express myself in such a violent manner against the post modern autarchy these pseudo-democratic governments represent.
I myself come from these lands, where sometimes a human life costs less than the weapon aiming at it; for me, nudity is as a self escape from the obvious traits of Middle Eastern contemporary art.
I hate the veil (hejab), which is mandatory, the censorship, the compelled migrations, being the imposed guest, the endless difficulties in Paris. I hate it.

— Azade Avije