I was in the middle of a photography project when I heard from a friend Tabriz has shaken. I turned on the TV and found out there has been an Earth Quake in Ahar and Varazghaan. And Without doubt we all witnessed the most heart breaking images of Mothers and Children. Kids suddenly find themselves involved in this brutal game of nature and mothers bury their most loved ones whom they had grown up, burdening all the hardships.

After a while I decided to visit Children of Earth Quake and spend few days of harsh winter of Azarbayjan with them. They looked at few photos that I took from them. I wanted to frame their smiles in the midst of their games while they put behind the hardships and pain. I liked show their sense of hope in my photos. I liked the way they had immersed into their world, playing happily while leaving behind the grievances. There were so many things I would like to include in my photography, but more than anything else, it was hope which I wanted to be at the center stage.

This collection is result of living couple of days with children of Varazghaan. A year and half has passed from the devastating earth quake. Today, we are willing to make arrangements so that those children can photograph their own future, hopes and dreams. This summer, by the money raised from selling Varazghaan Photo collection, we are planning to purchase some photography equipment and with few fellow photographers will teach these kids basic photography, to enable them to bring bring their own lives into images, to do photography together, to teach them how to show their happiness and hardships through the lenses. To make them understand how interesting sweet and bitter tastes of life can be and if pictured, brings about fresh experiences for both kids and the adults. They will become photographers of their own lives. That’s what we ultimately hope to achieve.

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