Iranian Life on Persian Carpet

Iranians enjoy a global reputation in carpet weaving. This set of pictures shows Iranian life of Persian Carpet, one of the most famous characteristics of Iran. Persian carpet has always been a fixed element in Iranian houses. This delicate art is always present in happiness and mourning, childhood and maturity, the loneliness and being together in the people lives.

The context of carpet is actually a part of the collective memory of Iranians and Iran is associated with very beautiful and colorful carpets in minds of many foreigners, too. Series “Iranian Life on Persian Carpet” is trying to apply signs that have bold role in Iranian lifestyle, have subtle references to this common culture and collective memory of Iranians; with emphasis on permanent presence of the Persian carpet in every Iranian memory.

The carpet, in all frames, does not change but the elements and objects on it are changing frame by frame to imply the passing of life and showing that life is in progress. In fact, I recreated some aspects of the real Iranian lives in this photo story to show the Persian Carpet capabilities and different applications in our houses. This is a timely reminder of the country’s rich crafts history.

—Kaveh Baghdadchi